SWOT analysis of China's outdoor clothing industry: outdoor sports can take advantage of the wind and the future of outdoor clothing is promising

Outdoor clothing is to adapt to the complex and changeable outdoor environment, resist the harm of the harsh environment to the human body, protect the body from heat loss and quickly discharge the sweat generated during sports. The clothing worn during mountaineering, rock climbing and other outdoor sports has the characteristics of warmth preservation, moisture permeability, waterproof, breathability, anti-static, UV protection, etc.

Outdoor sports need outdoor clothing that can adapt to bad weather and complex geographical environment to ensure the personal safety of athletes. Therefore, there are many types and styles of outdoor clothing. For example, there are special windbreaker and suspenders for mountaineering, and there are special one-piece ski shirts for skiing. According to the function of outdoor clothing, they can be roughly divided into three categories, namely, three layers from the inside to the outside, usually called inner layer clothing, warm layer clothing and outer layer clothing.

Industry overview at home and abroad

(1) The scale of outdoor clothing shows a trend of continuous expansion

In 2015, the market size of the global outdoor clothing industry was US $24.07 billion, and then kept rising steadily. In 2019, it was US $29.648 billion, and the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the market size in 2015-2019 was 5.42%. However, in 2020, the global economy will be affected by the epidemic, resulting in a significant decline in the production and sales of industry and service industry, and the scale of outdoor clothing market will decline, which will be only 28.785 billion dollars in 2020.

According to the In depth Analysis of the Current Situation of China's Outdoor Garment Industry and the Forecast Report on Investment Prospects (2022-2029) released by Guanyan Report.com, under the influence of the epidemic, the size of China's outdoor clothing market has only decreased slightly, outperforming the global market. From 2014 to 2019, the annual growth rate of China's outdoor clothing industry exceeded the global growth rate (more than 10%). As the impact of the epidemic fades, the growth rate of China's outdoor clothing industry is expected to return to the high growth level before the epidemic, showing a trend of continuous expansion.

(2) Outdoor clothing accounts for the largest proportion in the outdoor products market

COCA data shows that clothing products in the outdoor products industry will account for the largest proportion of market sales in 2020 and 2021. With the continuous expansion of outdoor products, outdoor clothing will continue to expand in general.

2、 SOWT Analysis of Outdoor Garment Industry in China

(1) Advantages

1. Mature supply chain in China

2. The domestic outdoor sports resources are rich and the demand for outdoor clothing is increasing

(2) Disadvantages

1. Weak independent research and development capability, and lack of functionality and professionalism of products

2. Ambiguous domestic brands and market positioning lead to a lack of potential for strong brands to lead

(3) Opportunity

1. There is still room to improve the participation rate of outdoor activities in China, and the outdoor clothing industry has great development potential

2. Policy support

3. The rise of domestic products and the increase of cultural self-confidence

4. Women's outdoor clothing market has great potential

(4) Threats

1. Foreign outdoor clothing brands enter the Chinese market

2. The advantage of low labor cost gradually disappears

(5) Conclusion


1. Comparison of internal advantages and disadvantages: advantages outweigh disadvantages

To sum up, the advantages of the development of China's outdoor clothing industry include: a mature supply chain and a rich natural resource base for outdoor sports. The industry already has mature growth conditions, while the main disadvantages are weak independent research and development ability, lack of functionality, professionalism and brand of products, and vague market positioning, resulting in a lack of potential for strong brand leadership, mainly due to the late entry of outdoor sports into China, At first, it was mainly mountaineering and exploration supported by government departments. Later, commercial outdoor sports organizations gradually emerged. Now, with the popularization, it is objective and inevitable that the outdoor clothing enterprises related to it will not adapt and mature in the transformation. With the development of the market and the deepening of the business, the situation will gradually improve. Therefore, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and the future development of the outdoor clothing industry will show a better development trend.

2. Comparison of external opportunities and threats: opportunities outweigh threats

With the increase of the participation rate of outdoor activities in China, the demand for outdoor clothing will increase greatly. With the support of national policies, outdoor clothing will also develop better and better. In the face of a broad market, there is a certain pressure to compete from home to abroad. However, normal competition between enterprises is benign, so external opportunities are still greater than threats. In the future, outdoor clothing made of new materials with special functions may become the mainstream of the market, Whether producers, enterprises or other industry participants, they should actively adapt to the needs of contemporary consumers, continue to innovate in combination with changes in consumer attitudes, provide better products and services, and seize development opportunities. (LZC)

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