2022 China's First National Cycling Race ends in Chengdu

Today, the first stop of the 2022 China Chengdu Tianfu Green Road International Cycling Fan Fitness Festival, Beilin Green Road, Wenjiang District, came to an end. In the most popular road cycling men's elite group competition, Hu Zhichao of CCN Swiss Leopard China won the championship with a result of 1 hour, 55 minutes, 12 seconds and 406 seconds. This race is also the first national cycling race in 2022.


As an independent IP event in Chengdu, the fans' festival integrates professional competition and national fitness. In addition to the competitive competition of professional riders, there are also events for children and teenagers, as well as parent-child outdoor carnivals participated by the whole family, which drive more and more people to join the cycling.


At the organization team match held yesterday, 40 12 member teams from the organization groups directly under the Chengdu Municipal Government and 20 12 member teams from the local organization groups in Wenjiang competed one after another. The happiness of Chengdu people is so simple to enjoy sunshine and sports on the beautiful greenway. Today's fans' festival ushers in an open competition, including six groups of competitions, including elite road cycling group (83.8 km), youth group (32.3 km), master group (22 km), women group (22 km), youth group A (22 km) and youth group B (11.7 km). The 83.8km road cycling men's elite group competition is the longest and most valuable event in this competition, attracting 80 competitors. Hu Zhichao of CCN Swiss Leopard China Team won the championship with a result of 1 hour 55 minutes 12 seconds 406, and his teammate Hou Dongyi won the second place with a result of 1 hour 58 minutes 30 seconds 995; Gong Linlang of Gostezuzaki won the third place in 1 hour, 58 minutes, 31 seconds and 201 seconds.


The continued holding of the fans' festival has led more and more people to join in a healthy life. The concept of "hosting races, camp cities, develop industries and benefit the people" has also enabled people to enjoy the sports events+benefits of sports integration and development. The successful holding of Wenjiang Station will also drive the cycling out of the circle again. This year's Fans' Festival will also hold Qingpu Station, Dayi Station and Qionglai Station.


Chen Hao, reporter of Chengdu Daily Jinguan, editor in charge He Qitie, editor Liu Yonghao, according to the organizing committee


[Source: Jinguan News]

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