Jingdong New Department Store's warm keeping products were all hot, and the sales of down jacket products increased by 112% year on year

Recently, due to the sudden drop in temperature in many parts of the country due to the impact of cold air, the warm and cold protection market has also entered a comprehensive hot sale period. According to the data of JD New Department Store, from October to now, all kinds of warm goods, including down jackets, cotton padded clothes, warm underwear, plush pants, trench coats, snow boots, down quilts, have entered the hot sale period.


Among them, the sales of down jacket grew significantly, up 112% compared with the same period last year. Bosideng, Xuezhongfei, Yaya, Li Ning and Anta have become the most popular brands. In the category of home thermal insulation, the plush cotton quilt and quiet down quilt increased by 11 times and 8 times respectively, becoming the most popular category in autumn and winter.


It is worth mentioning that the booking of indoor fitness sports and fitness venues continues to increase, with the badminton venue booking increasing by 140%. At the same time, many consumers have put skiing on the agenda, and the four ski resorts in Chongli, Zhangjiakou, which are on sale on JD Online, are selling very well.

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