How to climb mountains and camp safely? Listen to what the professionals say

With the arrival of the peak season of mountaineering and autumn appreciation, citizens have increased their outdoor activities such as mountaineering and camping, which has also led to some accidents of being injured and trapped. What should we pay attention to when climbing or camping? The reporter interviewed the fire department and non-governmental professional rescue organizations.


In terms of mountaineering, professionals mentioned two very important precautions: not climbing wild mountains and not going into mountains alone.


"First of all, do not climb wild mountains, and choose regular scenic spots and routes." Zhang Shuang, the head of the Zhaitang Fire Rescue Station of the Mentougou District Fire Rescue Detachment, said, "Second, never climb the mountain alone. If an accident occurs when you enter the mountain alone, it will not only increase the difficulty of search and rescue, but also make it easier to fall into danger. Walk together, and you can take care of each other."


Zhang Shuang said that on the premise of achieving the above two points, before climbing the mountain, we should reasonably plan the route and time, pay attention to the latest weather forecast, and communicate with relatives and friends about the location, route and other information. Carry whistles, flashlights and other emergency equipment, emergency food, necessary first-aid medicines, etc. The communication tools shall be kept in sufficient power to ensure that they can be contacted at any time.


"Don't underestimate flashlights and whistles. Mountain rescue often takes place at night. Visibility in the mountains is low. Light and whistles can help rescue workers find trapped people as soon as possible." Zhang Shuang said, in addition, we should also take enough clothes to keep warm. "The temperature in the mountains is not higher than that in the plains. The temperature drops fast and low. Once the temperature is lost, the damage is often very serious."


Chen Haijun, the leader of Fangshan Blue Sky Rescue Team, who has more than ten years of rescue experience, said that in addition to having sufficient personal equipment, he should also be mentally prepared


Chen Haijun also reminded that in mountain climbing, we should not change the established route at will, do not take the initiative to get involved in risks, and climb up when we cannot see cliffs or dangerous peaks. When encountering fork roads and unfamiliar mountain roads, do not rush forward. You should return to the original road in time, and retreat before dark. "Don't be greedy for the beautiful scenery in front of you. Don't have the idea that it is a pity not to climb the mountain today. The purpose of climbing is to exercise, not to reach the so-called 'distant goal'."


Chen Haijun also reminded that when in danger, we should call the police for help in a timely manner and wait in place. In the dark and bad weather, we should never walk around again.


In terms of camping, Liu Bingtao, the head of the News and Publicity Section of Daxing Fire Rescue Detachment, reminded that we should choose a safe area to camp, understand the weather changes in the camping area in advance, and do not camp in forest fire prevention areas, debris flow prone areas, rivers, reservoirs and other water spaces. Be careful to camp in the area without mobile communication signal. Camping activities are prohibited in Grade I drinking water source protection areas.


"Many people like to cook when camping. At this time, you must pay attention to the safety of fire. It is not uncommon to have a fire when camping." Liu Bingtao said that outdoor fire use and fire prevention regulations should be observed, and no open fire should be used during camping except in the regular commercial camping base. During the forest fire prevention period, it is forbidden to use fire outdoors in the forest fire prevention area. "Use large capacity outdoor mobile power supply with caution, use electrical equipment safely according to operating specifications, and avoid rain and violent shaking of outdoor mobile power supply."

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