Here comes the new protective clothing! Netizen: Really!

Although autumn has begun, the climate is still hot. The first-line medical staff, especially nucleic acid testers, are often wrapped in tight protective clothing, which is extremely hot.


Recently, a new type of protective clothing began to be used in many places. The round, inflatable appearance looks very cute. Netizens like it: "This time, it is. It's true。


On August 19, in Changyuan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Henan, medical staff wore this new type of medical positive pressure protective clothing to do nucleic acid testing for the masses. Compared with traditional protective clothing, the new type of protective clothing is more comfortable.


It is understood that the protective clothing is composed of protective clothing, breathing tube and filtering air supply device, which can adjust the internal temperature of the clothing and can be controlled between 26-29 ℃. The wind can also evaporate sweat, and the clothes will not be wet and stick to the body. Besides, the personnel are covered with air, and there is no sense of oppression, dizziness and dyspnea. It can be said to be a "sunstroke prevention artifact".

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