The prevention and control of epidemic situation should not be lax. Re training on and off of protective clothing

In order to further do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, effectively strengthen the self safety awareness and protection ability of epidemic prevention and control staff, and strive to do a good job in the working mechanism of "risk prevention, safety protection, epidemic fighting, and stability protection", on September 28, the pre shift Friendship Bridge Inspection Station carried out training activities on the wearing and taking off process of protective clothing.


During the training, Dong Zhu, the person in charge of the inspection station, first learned the contents of documents such as Strictly Implementing the "Nine Don'ts" Requirements for Epidemic Prevention and Control, and "Eight Don'ts" to Keep the Epidemic Prevention and Control Highway in Qinghai Province unblocked. Secondly, the health system staff explained in detail the importance of "wearing and taking off protective clothing", the whole process, wearing and taking off steps, precautions, protection and disinfection treatment and other specific details. At the same time, Demonstrate to the staff of the epidemic prevention and control inspection station, and lead all the staff to practice hand washing, putting on and off, disinfection, etc. In the demonstration process, repeatedly emphasized the precautions in the wearing process, and gave detailed answers and guidance on the irregularities in the practical exercise and everyone's doubts, so as to ensure that the trainees can skillfully master the correct process of wearing and taking off protective clothing.


Through the training, the personal protection awareness and ability of front-line staff have been further enhanced, the importance and level of self-protection and work responsibilities have been enhanced, and a practical foundation has been laid for the "external prevention input" of epidemic prevention and control under the jurisdiction.

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